Bernard Briscoe Memorial Service

Bernard Briscoe


Description:Bernard Briscoe's thanksgiving memorial service was held on May 10th, 2016 at Faith Presbyterian Chruch in San Antonio, TX. Bernard wrote, directed, and produced his own memorial service!Bernard Briscoe, guest speaker at His Hill since 1975, has recently finished his course and has gone home to be with the Lord. Bernard went home to the Lord on April 21, 2016 at 81 years of age and 53 years of marriage to his wife, Helen. Bernard has been an important part of Torchbearers International since the late 1940’s.Bernard was faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ to the very end. For him to live was truly Christ and now in death he has his gain. He taught the Scriptures so as to make Christ known. He lived humbly, joyfully, and lovingly. We saw Jesus making Himself incarnate in him. Our lives have been enriched. Our hearts long to live as well as he did.You can’t be a guest speaker at His Hill for 40 years without becoming family. We miss him dearly. Pray for Helen. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving us men like this.

Charles Price - Session 5

Charles Price


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